A list of all requirements is in the prospectus for clarification on what you need to bring for your child. We advise all parents to dress their kiddies in comfortable clothing. Each child will be given a locker where their costumes, soccer uniforms, dance uniforms, jackets/jerseys and hats will be kept on a weekly basis and sent home when cleaning is required.

(Please provide an extra set of clothes for “accidents”.)


We have a very strict policy when it comes to sharing germs. Please keep your sick ones at home so that there is no confusion about sharing. Children who are sick will be removed from the class and assisted in sick bay. Their parents will be called to collect them. Should the parent not be able to collect a sick child an arrangement can be made for your child to be dropped off at home in the school bus (in the immediate areas).

Any medication will be given to the head teacher, and will be kept in the sick bay under lock and key. Written consent must be given in order for us to be able to administer the medication. An emergency medical form will be filled out by all parents in case of any emergency. All efforts will be made to contact the parents first, but the welfare of the child will be our priority in an emergency. Please give us as much as possible information on your child’s medical status in the enrolment forms.


As we are a new school we would like our parents to get involved, so we can all get to know each other. We would like to promote the importance of community and participation, as our children learn these skills from us. Participation for fundraisers is compulsory. Fines are allocated to those who do not attend or participate.

Children love to participate in school functions and feel disappointed when they are excluded. Parents will be notified and reminded in our monthly newsletter of any special events.


We do potty train any untrained child. A fun method is used to encourage each child and no ridicule or shouting is allowed as any method of discipline or learning. Learning all things in life can be fun.

We encourage parents to talk to the teachers about the methods as a consistency of these methods will create rewarding results for us all. Toddlers will bring their preferred brand of bum cream, nappies and wet wipes.


Food or sweets from home are not allowed at school. The school will provide all meals and snacks. (Breakfast, lunch and three snacks) A well balanced, vegetable loaded, menu has been used to create nutritious and tasty meals for the kiddies. Our cook Benjamin is well loved for all his gorgeous meals and delicious muffins/biscuits.

Breakfast is served at 8:00. Please have your child here early so they have time to eat before the school program starts.
Special dietary requirements for kiddies can be discussed. (i.e. vegetarians / halal / hindu.)
Birthday cakes/cupcakes are allowed to be brought to school, there is however a NO NUT rule for these occasions due to allergies.


We believe that exercise has a vital role in the development of your child. We have therefore included ball skills, baby gym, percussion and water familiarity for Toddlers. Soccer, dance (Ballet and Hip Hop), athletics, swimming lessons, isi Zulu and music/percussion are available free of charge to all children over 3, as part of our extra mural curriculum.

Extra murals will be done in the afternoons (Weather permitting and seasonal) and all children can participate. We have Horse riding lessons and Computer classes on offer, as extra murals too, but these will be at an extra cost. Participation is encouraged but never forced.

Parents are welcome to come and watch and cheer the little ones. Uniforms/clothing must please be given to the teachers to keep in their lockers.