1. Fill out the enrolment form and email to / bring it to us.
  2. Make copies of his / her immunization form and birth certificate and send it to us as well as copy of parents’ Identity Documents.
  3. Pay the refundable deposit R3000.00.
  4. Get all the requirements on the List of “What I need for school 2021” – If you have any questions with regard to why he/she might need something please ask us.
  5. Prepare your child for their new school. Repeat positive affirmations to them on their new beginning and how exciting it will be. Buy them a new bag or outfit for their first day. Always reaffirm with your child that you will be back to pick them up later.
  6. Bring them to school on their first day. Mark off your required items with their teacher.
  7. Give them a big hug and a kiss when you are ready to go and leave.
  8. Always be on time to collect them in their first week. Perhaps come a little earlier than normal to create confidence.

Best of luck and see you soon , the i.School Team.